Wine In Australia

The De Bortoli Wine Shop in Melbourne Australia has been around for three generations. It is among one of the largest and privately owned wine companies in Australia, Located at Dixons creek in the Yarra valley and wine region of Melbourne surrounds. It was established in 1928, a few years after the owner and founder Vittorio De bartoli moved from Northern Italy to Australia with his wife. De Bortoli Company makes a wide variety of wines. Their collection includes:

a.) Sweet wines

b.) Fortified wines

c.) Sparkling wines

d.) The internationally recognized and acclaimed sweet Nobel one wine.

The De Bortolli wine and cheese shop is open daily so that wine lovers can experience the amazing wide range of wines at their pleasure. De Bortoli Wine Shop in Melbourne Australia has won many wine awards and is both nationally and internationally acclaimed and recognized across the globe. Some of the activities include wine tasting and within the vicinity is the yering station winery that gives showcases the regions produce as well as give an opportunity for guests to sample the same. The climate is cool and inviting. Highlights of the De Bortoli Wine Shop in Melbourne Australia also include the below facilities that offer the following services on site: • Every first Saturday of the month is a wine adventure

A Restaurant that can cater for over 100 guests and designed in an Italian fashion
Personal deliveries of wines to homes in Britain, Europe and Japan
Adequate parking for both small personal cars and buses for those who come in groups
Private wine tasting
The grounds are well landscaped and include garden picnic facilities coupled by a children playground
Location also allows guests to visit the De Bortoli restaurant and winery and also the art gallery
Full day tours can also be organised and come with a professional, informative and friendly guides
Transport services to and from the hotel
Food at the famous Domaine Chandon
Breathtaking views of the lake and distinct vineyards.

De Bortoli Wine Shop in Melbourne Australia is also able to facilitate and arrange for their guests qualified providers of the tour and other services who are experienced and reliable thus guaranteeing a memorable and seamless tour is experienced and nothing is left to chance. The De Bortoli Wine Shop in Melbourne Australia has a huge collection of wines aged and matured in barrels. Their wines are picked form naturally ripened fruits which are then pressed; the juice extracted is allowed to naturally settle before it is filtered. Natural fruit characteristics are maintained by allowing cold fermentation.

Having gathered more awards than any other wines in their class, De Bortoli wines have maintained their position of benchmarking in Australian wine production and have consistently been recognized for innovations such as their easy to open screw that enables resealing to ensure that the first glass of wine enjoyed is as good as the last, an initiative that De Bortoli Wines customers have come to appreciate.

Their wines can also be selected and purchased online in a hustle free process making it easily accessible to enjoy the world class wines. The cost can be termed as reasonable, quality and cost fused together. A visit to De bortolli wine shop is guaranteed not to disappoint.