Transport Made Easy in New Zealand

If you are planning to go ahead to New Zealand for the first time, it’s the enough reason to know the transport mode that it offers. Actually there are several modes that travelers can avail while in the place. It has quality services that suits to the budget affordable to any traveler form around the world. Different options are available which includes bus transport, rental cars, air charters, train transport, motorhome and limousine hire, car hire and more simple transport facility. You might as well prefer airline flight or catch for a ferry to go across the other side of the island.

New Zealand

Geographically, New Zealand is more of mountainous areas that have a little population. History reveals that Ma-ori travels by walking and use watercraft along the river in the coast. Yet time came that the European shipping made a big change by adding more transportation links. There have been railways as the means of transporting people and goods as well. Today, the most used facility is the road as well as air transport. Yet the original means for cargos and shipping still remained working good as well.

If you are driving by car, there is a max speed of 100 km per hour, with common limit of 50 km/h within the residential areas. Some other speed limits are 80, 70 and 60 km/h. The speed is often reduced to 30 km/h on side streets. Knowing the main ways to travel is really even better to anyone who will have a long tour or journey in the place. The following are the most commonly used means:

Railways in New Zealand

Links to Railways

New Zealand has a long railway line that is about 3,898 km. this was owned by the New Zealand Railways Corp. trading named ONTRACK. This network consists of 3 main trunk lines, 7 secondary main links. So vast are the railway transport facility used for the public.

Water transport, coastal shipping has a very significant role to New Zealand international affairs. Not only that, the Maori including the European immigrate the place to settle home and this involves the relevance of the water transport as the main mode of transportation in the area. Cook Strait separates the 2 islands with a 24 km wide requiring 70-km trip of the ferry to cross along. It has shipping service for passengers to take the short routes to islands such as the Great Barrier Island and the Stewart Island. The Ferry services links Picton and Wellington.

On the other hand, there are 113 airports located in New Zealand. Auckland Airport is the main international airport. There also the Wellington Airport and the Christchurch Airport. Rental car are commonly used as well. It is the top methods of transport used by visitors including the private cars as well as ferries.

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