Top attraction in New Zealand

Amazingly New Zealand offers the best wonders beyond what you can imagine in it. It has typically 27 regions stretching along the two islands. All of these regions carry the most distinctive character and attractions. Additionally, the country is so dense that guests could always easily visit its major attractions just like eating a piece of cake.

The Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier is known to be the world’s fastest moving glacier. It is known to be the fantastic river that is filled with ice. It is regarded as the steepest glacier, descending 2.5 km over a 12km path passing through its valley and ends at the rainforest temperature. This creates a wonderful view as the glacier flow to its bumpy steps; it allows the ice to move in the upper direction until it creates the ice cliffs.  With his, an aerial view is a perfect way to enjoy the sightseeing and stunning views it has. Over 1,000 individuals visit the glacier. The drive location from the Queenstown is about 6 hours and lot of people prefers to stay the Fox Glacier. Two bus companies drive its route daily.

Additionally, the Waitangi treasures the National Reserve that hosts dancing, singing and including the haka war dance. There are several available guided tours that can make your trip even busier and less hassle. Waitangi will not fail you to see treasures located within 2 miles distance between towns.  It tells the history of the places below.

Tamaki Maori VillageTamaki Maori Village was a home for Maori since 1989. Guests can experience “The Chronicles of Uitara,” This tale is good to all guests since it was recreated added with action choreography. They lived a life so differently which you might see and experience by visiting the place. Milford Sound is considered as the 8th wonder of the World by R. Kipling. This attraction creates a nice and cool sound upon entrance to it. Its location is surrounded with sheer cliffs consisting of 3,900 ft (1,200 mts) high, carved by interesting glaciers, rising from dark waters. There are tall peak which include the Elephant at height of 5000 ft. More so there is the Lion of about 4,300 ft.  There is as well refreshing rain falls of about 22 ft (7 m) consisting waterfalls and some lush forests.

If you love wildlife play, there are as well penguins, dolphins, seals and whales. You might as well see the black coral on deep underwater. So go toward the place via tour boats especially at peak seasons of January to February.  You can reach the place in 4 ½ hours from the Queenstown. Enjoy the top attractions in New Zealand.

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