The Seasons in Hong Kong

As the old cliché says “there are time for everything a season for every activity under the heaven”. It is certainly true! Even in visiting Hong Kong, there is always a perfect time to do specially that the climate in Hong Kong is sub tropical. During the months of December and November, the breeze is cool and pleasant. It experiences comfortable temperatures and the best months to visit the country because of the fine weather it has. During the months of January and February it is cloudier and the northerly wind was blowing. Cold fronts are also expected during these times. It is rare to the country to experience a below 10 degree Celsius in the urban areas but the lowest recorded temperature is 0 degrees Celsius. However, there are times in the New Territories that frost happens.

High humidity can be experienced during April and March. Drizzle and fogs can be troublesome on the high grounds.  It can be sometimes troublesome especially on the higher grounds and might be exposed to southeast. Consequently, the ferry service and air traffic are sometimes disrupted due to reduced visibility.

On the other hand, the weather is hot during months of May until August. Occasional thunderstorms and shower were also experienced early in the morning. The temperature during afternoon is 31 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius at night. High humidity can be felt during these seasons as well. So you might anticipate on the things to prepare during these times when you got to have a trip to the place.

Tropical cyclones also affect the country during July, August and September. There are about 30 cyclones from the China Sea or North Pacific that visited the country each year. Almost 50 % of those typhoons with 118 kph or higher reaches the country. When this cyclone has a distance of 700 up to 1000 km southeast, the weather can be exceptionally hot and fine.

Annually rainfall measures about 1400 mm in the Ping Chau while almost 3000 mm of rain in Tai Mo Shan is measured. Rainy season comes by September and May. August and June are the wettest months while December and January were the dry months in the country. Moreover there are phenomenons that may affect the country. Among these phenomenons were the monsoons troughs, strong winter, tropical cyclones, summer monsoon, thunderstorms and squall. This happens sometimes during months of April to September. Hailstorms and waterspouts also occur infrequently while tornadoes and white snow are rare.

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