Places To See In Spain

Amazing Places to see in SpainSpain was a diverse country with the second largest numbers of listed sites in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is next to Italy around the world for having the biggest number of cities recorded in the World Heritage Cities. It is also known as the Europe’s exotic country due to its tourist’s friendly inhabitants, vibrant nightlife, world renowned festivities, relaxed lifestyle and tasty cuisines.

The country also features sandy beaches, cultural regions, historic cities and lively nightlife. It is the countries large cultural and geographic diversity. Lush meadows, snowy mountains, huge marshes, and deserts comprise Spain. For any kind of trips, Spain is really a great destination for all travellers.

Chosen Cities in Spain

With Spain’s great number of cities, it can never be an idle moment to witness the impressive sights in the place. Among the best cities in Spain to be visited are below.
As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is one of the best and vibrant cities that house a lot of impressive architectures, fantastic museums, lively nightlife and great foods. Some of the best attractions were the Museo del Prado, Museo Nacionale Centro de Arte Riena Sofia, Royal Palace of Madrid, Santiago Bernabue Stadium and Gran Via.

amazing SpainBarcelona was also a vibrant city in Spain. It is full of nightclubs, lovely beaches, rich culture and modern buildings. Among those famous attractions in Barcelona were the Sagrada Familia, L’Aquarium de Barcelona, Poble Espanyol de Montjuic, Piccasso Museum, La Pedera, Barcelona Zoo and Barcelona FC Museum.

A highly industrialized city in Spain was the Bilbao, a good city to visit. The perfect season to visit the city is during summer which is from May to September and you can hover over the city’s famous attractions such as the Guggenheim Museum, MUseo de Bellas Artes, Basque Museum, Cathedral de Santiago, and Parque Etxebarria.

Another nice place to consider in your tour is the Cadiz. It is the holder of the oldest city in the whole Europe. As a fact, it has been in existence for over 4,000 years and there is one of the famous event and carnival was always held here annually. Among those attractions to be visited here was the Cadiz Cathedral, Bahia Aqua park, Plaza de Mina, Castillo de Casteller and Lighthouse of Chipiona.

The Cordoba was also a great city in Spain. It has a lot of bustling events including fascinating sights. Fabulous shops restaurants and bars were widespread in the place. The Grand Mosque is the world’s finest building. You might as well consider the top attractions seen in the city such as the Cordoba Cathedral, Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos, Roman Bridge, Medina Azahara and Jewish Quarter.
Accommodation in Spain

People in Spain were hospitable and it’s a good reason why tourist and visitor love to visit the city. There are so many places for you to rest after a tiring travel or visit to the attractions in the city. Generally, there are existing three categories of accommodation as the hotel, hostal and pension.
On the other location, you might encounter and see some paradores, apartments, and camping sites. For the cheapest accommodation you may choose to stay at the camping sites but if you want to have a comfortable place to rest and relax, a hotel is the best suggested place.

Climate in Spain
The climate condition in Spain is also diverse. It is affected by altitude, continental effects and the sea. North and south Spain has a difference in climate or weather condition. The Mediterranean Spain has an ample sunshine level. Winter was mild and summer is warmer in the central Spain. During months of June up to August rain rarely visits the place.

The Central Spain as well as the Souteastern Atlantic Coasts generally experiences a low rainfall. Summer was being experienced as generally hot. The highest temperature recorded in the area was the Guadalquivir valley and Seville. Cold winds were also usually blows in the area.

The North and North West Spain’s weather was also affected by depressions coming from the Atlantic. When winter and autumn comes it is the cloudiest and wettest area in Spain. Compared to all other parts of Spain temperature here was the lowest. It is also expected that the area experiences sunney and warm weather.

Discovering the Culture in Spain
Spanish culture is widely known around the world. It has a variety and mixed culture that emerged due to increasing migration of the Europeans to Spain. Along with its rich cultures were the joyful festivities celebrated. Some well known and celebrated events here were the Three Magi, Easter Celebration and New Year.

Sports were also part of the Spanish culture. Among those favorite sports here was the bullfighting. It was usually held during months of March to October. Lively music and dances also embraces cultures in Spain. Among those six dance categories were the Flamenco, Folklore, Estilization, Castanets, Classical Ballet Dance and Eighteenth Century Dances.

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