Must See in Valencia Spain

amazing Valencia SpainIt is called as the “city of arts and sciences”.  This is the first ever futuristic and well planned cityscape in made. It is a collection of different modern design buildings. It is situated near the river of Turial. The total land area occupied by this work of art is 350,000 sq. meters. It has four different and all were designed to be functional; the Science Museum, Arts Centre, Ocean Park and Planetarium. All these are must see here in Valencia, and this is just one among the many interesting places. Coma and tour around and sure this will truly become memorable.

Another beautiful place here to visit is the Lonja in Valencia. It is before a Valencia Gothic style building that was believed built in year 1482 to 1548. This is the major tourist attraction in this well visited city. Since 1996 the UNESCO already considered Lonja as a World Heritage. This dramatic gothic style secular building will surely capture your heart and will truly fall in love about Valencia.

Now, if you want to go on shopping visit the largest markets here in Valencia and you will surely be entertained by the modernist architectural style of each building. The ambiance is lively and joyously. The atmosphere is colorful and very welcoming. There is no boring moment here to shop around the stalls and even pick up pieces of bites around the corner.  The entire market is an 8000 sq. meter of unlimited shopping choices. And if you are looking for a good transportation to ride you around the city for sightseeing, try the double-decker modern bus here called Bus Turistico. It is equipped by an audio system in multilingual (headphones are included) that explain in the language your preferred the whole one hour tour.  The trip will start at the plaza they called, De la Reina going to the old town and shall pass through the Turia riverbed.

Valencia Spain

The places mentioned below are just few of the more wonderful places you will see here in Valencia including the parks and other historical places that sure that you will enjoy.

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