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Canada isn’t really just cold but it’s cool! Upon just gazing at those white dipped mountains, epic roadways on the north and mist cloaked seascapes plus the exciting festival and events held, you will certainly say it’s truly cool.

Lively Endeavors

Grand adventures and excitement lurk all throughout the country. It never ceases its summer or winter. Whistlers Mountain, hiking in Newfoundland Appalachian Trail, surfing on Novia Scotia and kayaking in Northwest Territory, there are great and lively endeavors that you will certainly love. There are also gentle adventures where to meet new endeavors. Among those were swimming at Prince Edward Island that features pink sand beach, strolling at the Stanley Park Seawall on Vancouver and ice skating on Ottawa Rideau Canal.

Sublime Nature

Canada was known as the second largest country that houses endless and variety of charming landscapes around the world. Indeed it is, among those natures to see are the glinting glaciers, spiky mountains, wheat weaving prairies and rainforest. If you wanted to experience an inspiring moment then there are the  Big polar bears, whales, grizzly bears, ballerina legged moose and many more inspiring nature and wildlife to be discovered.


Try to hear or see people whether Canadians or tourists to sigh over Canadian, French and Italian foods. Canada’s distinctive foods, fresh veggies and foods, piquant cheeses and tasty gourmet’s people really love to taste. Among that favorite menu are the lobsters in melted butter, golden fries in cheese curd and gravy berry pie, velvety scallops and wild salmon.  It is best to leave your belt home if you plan to dine at the restaurants here.

Canada Cultural Flair

All throughout the year exciting events and cultural celebrations were held in the country. During January Okanagan Ice Wine Festival was hold in place. In February were the Quebec Winter Carnival and Regina Powwow during March. During April was the Whistlers ski and snowboard fest, on May were the Ottawa Tulip Fest and Montreal Jazz Fest during June. During July the Calgary Stampede, the New Brunswick Acadian Fest in August and the Toronto Film Fest by September. By month of October were the Kitcheners Oktoberfest and the Hamilton Aboriginal Fest in November. Lastly was the Niagara Winter Festival during December.

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