Major Holidays and Festivals in Canada

Canadais not only a home for attractive tourist spots and glimmering buildings but also of colorful and lively festivals. This holidays and major festivals also draw attention from the visitors and tourists. It has two major celebrated Christian holidays. This is Christmas Day and Easter that stresses the importance of celebrating these festivals and holidays. Among those are the below.

A very popular event and festival on July is the Canada Day. It is famous for the English Speaking Canadians than the French speaking Canadians. It is celebrated during first day of July and signifies the dominion of the British. Colorful parades, fireworks, music concerts and many colorful outdoor activities were held during this time.

Celebrated on the same day of celebration, the Columbus Day is the Thanksgiving Day. It is a statutory law all over the nation except the very far provinces in the east. Among those are the Labrador, Nova Scotia and the Newfoundland. This harvest celebration is one of the liveliest celebrations in the country.

Further, the most thrilling activity during the winter season is the Winter Carnival. White snow and very cold temperature covers the environment of the country. It is almost the same celebration as the Southern Europe and Latin America and held in the mid week of February or early days of March. Exciting winter activities are hosted with ice sculpture contest, dog sled races, and ice-skating contest.

The Victoria Day is also one of the national holidays in Canada. It is celebrated during 24th day of May as a remembrance to the Queen Victory and at the same time to acknowledge its current England Queen. It became the famous celebration in the western territories and provinces as well.

Aside from this major festivals and holidays all throughout the year, there are many exciting festivals and celebrations. Among them includes the Canada Games, Celebrate Canada, Arctic Winter Games, International Adult Learners Week, Government of Canada Events, and International Museum Day. The National Flag of Canada Day Celebration is also significant to them and highlights the celebration for its history, with flag etiquette and symbolism of its flag.

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