London Natural History Museum

With over hundreds of amazing things to see in London Natural History Museum, visitors will surely leave this place fully enjoyed and satisfied! It is considered as one of the major tourist destination in London. Although the building itself is an attraction because of its unique architectural designs and wonderful Victorian features, it is recommended for tourists to go inside and witness the amazing things it holds. Yes it holds many amazing must to see thing inside but worry not, the entrance in this museum is for free though some feesmaybe collected if special exhibitions is held.

Short History and Overview

This museum is also one of the biggest museums in South Kensington. To be exact it is located in Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD. The collection started during 17th century in honor of Sir Hans Sloane death. Initially it contained 70,000 items yet it grows and some of its collections were housed in the British Museum. After seven years of construction, the museum opened formally by 1881. Amazingly, every part of it was unique and is wonderfully covered with plants images, fossils and animals. It was also extensively adorned with yellow and blue terracotta bricks in order to resist pollution.


 This museum’s theme is mainly focused on discovering the natural environment we had yet it is really appealing to all age brackets. Of numerous attractions and highlights that this museum showcases here are some of the must to see and things not to miss as you go inside the museum.

  • The Vault contains many unique rare and valuable treasures. It holds famous diamonds, dazzling crystals, fine gems, meteorites and metals from all around the world.  One of which is the mysterious cursed amethyst is located in the section of mineralogy. It is said that everyone who owns and posses that commits suicide or dies mysteriously.
  • Mosaic floor is really interesting attractions inside the museum it features many structures that will really amaze visitors. Some of them were the mosaics of Muse Tragedy, Winston Churchill in Defiance, Lucidity and many more outstanding things.
  • The Canopy ceiling was a wonderful series of painted plant specimens. It features the story of evolution from plants to animals then eventually to humans.
  • Sir Hans Slaone’s plant collections is found in the Darwin Centre. It is in an old set of volumes which is 350 years old and is composed of preserved specimens of plants that Sloane collected while the traveled around the South America and Caribbean. It is considered as the founding collection of the museum.

Other interesting collections inside were the colossal squid, archeoptyrex, power within, blue whales, fossils, rocks any many more. It’s really not a joke. Visitors will really find it a worthwhile experience as they visit this amazing museum. They will leave here fully enjoyed and satisfied.

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