Highlights of New Zealand

One thing that New Zealand can be proud of is that it offers wide varieties of entertainment from dawn till the dusk and even beyond. Life can never be really boring in the place; hence you will surely feel the enjoyment and satisfaction it could offer.

Matariki new zealand

Festival and Its Galore

Citizen of New Zealand loves to celebrate festivals. All over the country, the exciting and wonderful manner of celebrating the festival are vibrant. One typical type of festival here is the Matariki. It is the Maori New Year and being celebrated all over the country during month of June. Another famous celebration at the country was the Pacifica Festival. It is a massive type of celebration in Auckland city for whole day during month of March. Another festival celebrated here was Wild Foods Festival at Hokitika. It provides tourists an opportunity to discover and taste the exotic foods being served at the country.

Culture and Arts

Unique and impressive scenes to everyone’s senses are offered in New Zealand whether you are gazing at the contemporary or classic works. Live theaters features large scale production to Fringe Theater. Smorgasbord comedy, ballet, live music and opera can also be found here. Among those famous theaters that present major productions are the Isaac Theater Royal at Christchurch, Westpac St. James Theater in Wellington and The Edge in Auckland.

traditional Kiwi in New Zealand


During the days of the traditional Kiwi, the choices in the pubs are only beer and doors are usually closed at 6 pm. After the licensing laws became liberal pubs, bars and nightclubs have become vast and you can choose from the variety of options. Live music hosted by hottest DJ’s can be easy to find and there are casinos to try your luck and earn money.


Have you ever heard the All Blacks? If not this is the rugby, known as the country’s national game. Trey to catch and watch the exciting game in the stadium or you may head on to a pub to watch the thrilling game in a wide screen. During summer seasons Cricket sports also draws much attention for Kiwis and even visitors. Not to miss are the horse-racing activities which was a big event for them. During November, the Cup Week was held in the Christchurch. Auckland also boasts its Mercedes Derby Day or known as the Boxing Day. Another highlight in Auckland was the Auckland Cup during the celebration of the New Years Day.


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