Great Sites At Federation Square Melbourne

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Australia, and the Federation Square Melbourne is probably one of the top reasons why tourists and locals flock to Melbourne each year. The Federation Square is a civil center dedicated to preserving and spreading culture. It occupies about one square block and offers so much to see. Here are just a couple of activities to choose from when visiting.

1. Creative Program – The Creative Program is where public art, performances and installations can be seen. The main purpose of this program is to allow the public to interact with the artists. The audience can inspire the artist to try unique methods while the artist gives provocative art that will have people rethink both serious and non serious issues in the world. The Federation Square Melbourne, or popularly known as Fed Square, has worked closely with Melbourne International Film Festival, Culture Victoria, Australian Football League, QUT Creative Industries, and Streaming Museum New York to provide cultural and artistic creations.

2. The Atrium – Is an indoor art gallery and more. Its interior design modeled after Melbourne’s classic arcades and hidden alleyways. It includes specialty shopping, galleries and super cool cafes. It mixes an exciting cultural experience with art pop culture. It is home to the cities major cultural attractions such as The Lan Potter centre: NGV Australia, The Federation Story, NGV Kids Conner, Kirra Galleries and more. The Atrium often host book markets, festivals, exhibitions and more.

3. Australian Center For Moving Images – Ever since the Australian Center For Moving Images opened its doors in 2002 it has been showing the brilliant world of moving images. Anything from classic cinema, exhibitions or even an individual’s short film can be seen here. The calendar is filled with award winning festivals, creative workshops, live events and more. The center features a rich platform to showcase the TV and film industry of the country.

When it comes to accommodations around the Federation Square Melbourne, there are countless choices that range from the budget friendly to the extremely luxurious.

1. Quest Collins St Central Serviced Apartments This apartment can be found at 182 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 Australia. The price is a lot friendlier to frequent travelers at about $146 a night. The good thing about this is that it is also within a mile of the Federation Square. Its sleek and hip design is great for artist people and will still give the relaxations needed after a long day of checking out local art.

2. The Swanston Hotel – This hotel is extremely luxurious. It is located close to Melbourne central in 195 Swanston Street Melbourne, Australia, less than a mile away from the Federation Square Melbourne. Whether travelers are coming from the next city over or from another country, homely comfort can be found here for a steep price. About a minimum of $168 a night will be the cost for this picture perfect accommodation. It has at least 200 available selections for rooms and suites though.