Famous Restaurants in London

It’s everyone’s dream to visit beautiful places like London. And when one tours in London, he is not only concerned about the beautiful tourist spots but is also interested in the shopping and dining places. London being a prosperous country and a famous tourist destination has numerous world-class restaurants to be proud of.

Below are some of the finest restaurants in London:

McQueen Restaurant. Dine at this award winning restaurant and you will always remember the experience. McQueen is a combination of a bar and a restaurant. The interior of this dining venue is very stylish including the leather and fur style décor and the huge Chesterfield sofas made of leather.  The restaurant side will let you savor on the North American cuisine like the Cajun seasoned salmon fillet, the Crayfish Bisque with shellfish oil and lobster bits and a wide choices of American Grills. Meanwhile, the bar section offers a vast selection of wines and cocktails.

Hakkasan Mayfair. Located at 17 Bruton Street in London, this restaurant is very famous for its pretty delicious Chinese dishes. As you enter the dining room, you will love to see the sexy and stylish arrangement and decorations which make the place perfect for dining. You will also smell the subtle scent of spiced incense. The restaurant’s signature menus by Chef Tong include the grilled Wagya Beef seasoned with king soy sauce and the Peking duck with caviar. Other favorite dishes are Japanese abalone and the Crispy duck salad. The bar lounge at the ground floor is the favorite venue of socialites and businessmen who are fond of cocktail parties.

 Barbecoa. This steakhouse is located at 20 New Change in London. It opens daily from 12:00pm to 11:00pm. Here, you will enjoy mouth-watering foods that are cooked in smoke and fire. Meat and seafood are all fresh before the cooking process that is why dishes being served are at its best taste. Diners do not only love the foods in this restaurant but also the physical set up particularly the glass window that paves way to the most fascinating views of St Paul’ Cathedral and other neighboring attractions.

Aqua Kyoto. This dining center is located at the uppermost level of Dickens & Jones Department Store. It is well known for its superb Japanese cuisine. The first class dishes of the restaurant created by the head chef Jordan Sclare are the unique sashimi and sushi styles and the special dishes from the sumibiyaki charcoal grill.

Other most visited restaurants in London are the Gordon Ramsay’s The Savory Grill, the Mezzanine Restaurant and the DSTRKT London.

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