Come and Tour Around Valencia Spain

Spain has now a new darling when it comes to tourism.  Valencia is an emerging city in this country which is even leaving behind other cities here in terms of progress; when it comes to land area, this ranked third biggest among the others. For the past years it impresses a beautiful example among other nearby places when it comes to embracing changes that is brought by the present demand to be more innovative while maintaining the richness of the country’s culture. It is now getting the same atmosphere of Barcelona when it comes to cosmopolitan vitality and Madrid’s cultural variety.

The most interesting area to explore here according to all time travelers in this place is the maze street in “de Carme”. This is located in the northern part of Mercado Central going to the famous Rio Turia.  This is a very interesting place to explore because going back in history; this is once a neglected city quarter and after years it had made an incredible vibrant atmosphere to its neighborhood. This is the home of the beautiful Santo Domingo Church, situated in the city plaza.  It has been part of Millans Del Bosch, a military general who operated in this place during the 1981 coup.

Other interesting place to visit here in Valencia is the ancient part of this beautiful city where the oldest stone bridges, riverbed, footpaths and football pitches can be seen. This is included in the breathtaking biggest cultural complex in Europe called, ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. There is a main beach here to be found in the Playa de la Malvarrosa. Aside to these beautiful places, you will surely enjoy nigh life here. It is comparable to the mainland Of Spain where clubs and bars are very much popular. Just this year dozens of these including restaurants were opened here. No one will disagree who have tasted already Spanish food, superb in taste and flavorful.

Another thing that is most waited in this place is their festivals. The fests here are the most popular fiestas in Spain. During the month of March they are holding the Las Fallas that is usually describe by massive bonfire.

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