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What to Do While in Sydney CBD

26 Sep

Sydney’s CBD area offers plenty of tourist activities and sights; hence, it is a favorite destination for tourists to see more of what the region has to offer. But if you need more ideas that are guaranteed to make a memorable vacation, you have come to the right place. Check out the list below for […]

Things to See and Do in Sydney CBD

09 Sep

Tourists visiting Sydney CBD area are spoilt for choice. There are plenty of things to see and do within the city for an enjoyable experience no matter how short or long the stay. If you are looking for ideas on what to do in Sydney CBD, check out a few ideas below. Experience the Famous […]

Sydney Trip Should be Cool

23 Jul

If you are planning to explore Sydney’s central business district, it is important to take note that Sydneysiders or the locals refer to it as the City. Walking along that long stretch is an adventure in itself as you will discover as you walk the streets or you can take the underground railway where it […]

Exhilarating Bungee Jumping in Sydney with Special Offers

28 May

There is a variety of sports that can satisfy a person’s quest for adventure. However, there are some sports that can truly send your adrenaline rushing and heart pulsating. Bungee jumping would surely top the list of extreme adventure sports, along with others such as paragliding, rock climbing, etc. In New South Wales, particularly in […]

Choose a Hotel in Sydney Following These Steps

07 Feb

While travelling to another state or a country, one of the things that come into major consideration is the accommodation. Unless you have opted for backpacking or trekking wherein you would live in tents and camps, you must book some sort of accommodation before you go there – be it a hotel, a hostel stay, […]

Hong Kong Festivals

18 Nov

I recently visited Hong Kong so thought you might like to read about this 🙂 There are many People from Hong Kong living in Sydney An Asian hub for leisure and pleasure travelers, Hong Kong is a perfect place to anyone who is looking for a vacation getaway.   Nothing can be compared to the color, richness and […]

Sydney Olympic Park

08 Nov

Sydney Olympic Park can transform your ordinary day to a fun-filled, extraordinary experience! Located in Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, the large sporting, cultural and leisure complex is a great venue for events, leisure, sports, education and nature. Sydney Olympic Park offers a diverse of customer-friendly services uniquely crafted to bring out excitement and happiness […]

Best Restaurants In Sydney CBD

30 Oct

A Traveller’s Guide On Finding The Best Restaurants In Sydney CBD  When travelling to Sydney Australia, it would be a huge loss on your part if you aren’t able to experience the gastronomic wonders that can be offered by its top restaurants. No trip is complete after all without tasting the cuisines that shape the […]

Sydney Ferries: Traveling in Style

24 Oct

The Sydney ferries are one of the most iconic modes of transportation in the city and are a must-try for tourists visiting Sydney for the first time. These ferries travel along the beautiful and expansive waterways of Sydney where tourists are treated to breathtaking views of the Sydney harbour and Parramatta River, as well as the neighboring […]