British Museum London

With British Museum’s amazing and stunning collections it became one of the top attractions in London. It was established last 1753 and started with the 71,000 unique objects from Sir Hans Sloane collections. This museum holds a comprehensive collection of cultures and human history that comes from all continents starting the ancient times till present. As of this moment more than 8 million works and many permanent collections were found inside.

Great Things to See in the Museum

As a fact there are so many interesting things to see inside the museum. Some of these were the following:

  • The Parthenon Galleries was specifically designed to house the wonderful Parthenon sculptures. It was opened by 1939 but was greatly damaged by World War II so it was rebuilt and formally reopened by 1962.  Additional new wing was added to this gallery was opened by 1962 and it houses facilities like gift shops and fine restaurants.
  • The Smirke Building was wonderfully designed in Greek structure by Sir Smirke. Its original purpose was to house the personal books and library of King George III. By 1857, a domed reading room in circular form was built and after 30 years White Wing was added. Eventually Beaux Arts style known as King Edward de 7ths Gallery, become part of the Museum by 1914.
  • An 800 square meter, made up of glass roof known as Queen Elizabeth II Great Court was opened. It was designed by Foster and Partners with an indoor courtyard that features a famed reading room at the center.
  • Visitors were really amazed and enjoyed the Museum collections.  Its more than 7 million artifacts couldn’t be displayed on just a spot but all of them were displayed constantly that’s  why every time tourists who visit the museum will see something new each time they visit the museum.
  • The Elgin Marbles were collections of wonderful marble sculptures. It is taken from Parthenon in Athens and is one of the most popular attractions.
  • Egyptian Collections is also one of the highlights in the museum. Some of them were the Rosetta stone, sarcophagi, statues, Pharaoh Ramesses II, and many more wonderful things.
  • Assyrian Collections features unique carvings taken from the palaces of Assyrian Kings. One of which is the wonderful winged bull taken from the palace of Sargon II.

Many more departments which features stunning structures were the Oceania; Africa; the Americas; Sudan; Asia; Greek and Roman Antiquities; Prehistory and Europe; Prints and Drawings; Portable Antiquities and Treasure; Greek and the Middle East; Coins and Medals; Documentation and Science; and Conservation.

A one day of visit in this wonderful British Museum is never enough to discover the enchanting attractions that it holds, yet the satisfaction and fulfillment that visitors can gain or experience here is really an experience to treasure.


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