A Taste of Valencia Spain

Seu Xerea is name sounds difficult to understand, but sure that when you got to taste their special dishes this name will only mean one thing to you, “delicious”. They offer creative dishes mostly for people who are meant to do business with those they meet in this area.  They have special servings of mouth watering prawn satay, steak that is cooked delicately in red wine and also wild mushroom with savory sauce and spinach puree. It sounds exciting right? This is just one among the many best restaurants that you can visit in Valencia, Spain; a city which is becoming well known as of today when it comes to tourism.

Another must to visit restaurant here in Valencia is Damy. If you are craving for tapas therefore this is the perfect place to visit.  Their tapas are something out of ordinary because it is healthy to eat and fun. Aside to regular tapas, they also have seafood tapas that are bestselling among guests. They also offer ham.  Damy is also a perfect venue to chill out after a stressful day from work. The ambiance is very warm and welcoming; you will feel at home here. Just near Damy is a professional student dining place called Santa Barbara. Students from the university near here loved to eat and chat in their terrace that is a cool place to dine since it is open air.  They mostly serve Valencian cuisines like of giant prawns serve with ham with homemade flavorful that is perfect to eat with rice dishes. You may also want to eat dishes made of fresh fish. Have a good finale after, with their mouth watering desserts.  For wine lovers you may also order it to be serve together with you order.  This is an extravagant way to enjoy Valencia food at its best!

For more of good food visit Tony Roma’s. This is a fantastic American restaurant that is well known as one most exclusive in Valencia. The ambiance is all American from food to decoration and it’s interior. They offer all time favorite American dishes like barbecue, hamburgers and carrot cakes you will surely enjoy your stay here in Valencia, Spain.

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