What to Do While in Sydney CBD

26 Sep

Sydney’s CBD area offers plenty of tourist activities and sights; hence, it is a favorite destination for tourists to see more of what the region has to offer. But if you need more ideas that are guaranteed to make a memorable vacation, you have come to the right place. Check out the list below for more ideas for CBD tourists on what to see and do in Sydney CBD.

Sydney Fireworks

If you are planning to spend the holidays in Sydney CBD, you can’t afford to miss the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show. It is held at the Sydney Harbour Bridge wherein locals and tourists alike gather to witness the spectacular display of fireworks.

Hyde Park

If you are looking for a place of calm and peace at the heart of Sydney, visit the Hyde Park. It is free and open all year round. You can have a picnic amid the lush grass at Hyde Park.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Another natural attraction is the Royal Botanical Gardens, which showcases a wide array of flora species. With the size of the garden, it is hard to believe it is located within walking distance of Sydney’s CBD area.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is open all year round except for Christmas, which provides plenty of opportunity for tourists to see contemporary art creations from some of the finest artists in Sydney and all over the world.

Sydney Opera House

What trip to Sydney would ever be complete without a visit to its most iconic building – the Sydney Opera House. You can have external or internal viewing of the building and even watch theatrical performances, if you want.

Use the guide for ideas for CBD tourists so you won’t have to miss the top sights and attractions.