Exhilarating Bungee Jumping in Sydney with Special Offers

28 May

There is a variety of sports that can satisfy a person’s quest for adventure. However, there are some sports that can truly send your adrenaline rushing and heart pulsating. Bungee jumping would surely top the list of extreme adventure sports, along with others such as paragliding, rock climbing, etc. In New South Wales, particularly in Sydney, bungee jumping is a widely practiced sport. Sydney bungee jumping clubs can surely make your bungee experience a memorable one, taking good care of your safety at the same time.

At Sydney bungee jumping sites, there are towers – as tall as 40 feet – where you can take jumps from. Others may opt for high cliff jumping, but you need to be well-trained and experienced in this sport beforehand.

Bungee jumping is a sport where strong and elasticized bands are tied to your ankles. With the help of a harness, you are taken on a high platform for the jump. You need to have courage and readiness in taking the plunge, which gives you an ultimate experience of adrenaline rush. This once-in-a-lifetime experience would make you feel that the world is at your feet when jumping from a place so high. The trainers would weigh the participant and select a suitable ankle band in order to ensure a safe fall.

Bungee jumping in Sydney has various venues, from tall towers to stiff cliffs, and even bridges. Experiencing the sheer thrill of letting yourself down in a free falling state is every participant’s dream. However, this death-defying jump is not meant for faint-hearted people.


The rugged terrain of Australia is a perfect setup for this daring sport. The jumps are taken mostly over water, in a tank or in a river. This is considered to be a precautionary measure to save the bungee jumper from any unforeseen fatal mishaps by having a water-cushioned landing in case of emergency. Bungee jumping Sydney is popular because more people are drawn to this adventure sport, due to its thrill and its daredevil approach.

Bungee jumping is actually a reformed ancient sport, where daredevils jumped from very high trees with vines wound around their ankles to prove their manhood. Bungee is a New Zealand slang for elastic cord or strap. The present elastic straps used for bungee jumping are made of latex rubber, which is highly elastic and very durable to withstand the weight of a jumper. As the world progressed, this ancient death-defying sport adapted its equipment and its materials, to make it safer and sustainable.

There are many extreme adventure sports in the world and many followers of this sport category. However, adventure sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, abseiling, and paragliding amongst others have captured people’s fancy. As the level of difficulty in performance rise, the sport becomes more attractive and more inviting. Women, as well as men, participate in Sydney bungee jumping and enjoy the thrill of having an adrenaline rush.

There are only a few bungee jumping sites in Sydney, but you can also get excellent sites for bungee jumping in the nearby city of Queensland. Look for cheap bungee jumping special offers on sites like Groupon in order to save on costs.

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