5 Sydney Top Attractions You Can’t Miss

13 Mar

Choosing the sights and attractions to visit in Sydney is quite a challenge. There is so much to see in Sydney whether you’d like to explore the city or drive off into the outskirts of the city to experience a bit of its natural showcase. It is no doubt a city that has several surprises waiting for its guests. But if you must have the full Sydney experience, you need to take note of these five Sydney top attractions on your next visit.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The harbour bridge serves as daily passage for commuters who ride the ferry, train or bus through the bridge. But for tourists, it provides an excellent viewpoint to experience Sydney’s breathtaking skyline (at day or night) and the calm harbour. There are plenty of ways to explore the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which you can do by riding a bicycle or going on foot. Either way, make sure to stop by going on the viewing platform or visit the information centre so you will know what else you can see.

Sydney Opera House

When you visit Sydney for the first time, there is no reason you should miss the Opera House. This iconic landmark is one of the Sydney top attractions. The Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece in itself with its white scalloped roof. But you can also go into the Opera House to watch a variety of performances ranging from opera, ballet, jazz, theatre, and more.

Bondi Beach

When in Sydney, you do not need to be confined in the metropolitan area. You need to explore nature, as Sydney is gifted with plenty of beautiful sights and attractions. Bondi Beach is one of the main attractions in Sydney, especially for the surfers or beach bums. You can sunbathe, swim or enjoy an idle time at this beautiful beach. It is also worth taking a coastal walk because Bondi Beach offers an awe-inspiring view of coastal cliffs, especially during dusk.

Blue Mountains

This is another must-visit for nature lovers visiting Sydney. Although this is a bit far off from downtown Sydney, the Blue Mountains is worth the drive because it offers well preserved wildlife and beauty of nature at its best. And while you’re there, be sure to drop by the Jenolan Caves or the Norman Lindsay Gallery, too.

Oxford and William Streets

Cap off your visit to Sydney with lots of shopping at this well known district. Oxford Street is the heart of shopping in Sydney wherein you can find a wide range of shops to fulfill your retail therapy. When you move on to William Street, on the other hand, you can find several more boutiques worth checking out. Make sure you don’t go home without dropping by here.

Exploring the Sydney top attractions will definitely make you feel like you’ve seen the best that the city has to offer. And yet, it is only a glimpse because you haven’t even scratched the surface yet. There are more attractions to be seen or explored in Sydney, which gives you more ideas for your next trip down under.

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