Sydney Trains – Travel in Comfort for Your Sydney Tour

27 Nov

If you want to have optimal enjoyment during your visit to Sydney, you should do a patient research and find out the best mode of transport. Your research will reveal that using Sydney trains appropriately will be the most prudent step for visiting all the tourist spots of this great city.

There are many cities in the world that are admired by people and Sydney finds a place on this list. It is also in the list of the top 10 livable cities of the world. The reason is that Sydney has been built and developed with a lot of careful planning.
If you think that you have only the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House here, you are wrong. The fact is that there are a number of other tourist attractions in and around the city. Amazingly, you can visit all these places by using Sydney trains. This means that you should first do your research on Sydney hotels, choose a good accommodation for your stay and then, embark upon your excursions to these places.
You have City-Circle stations such as Central, Museum, Town Hall, St.James, Circular Quay and Wynyard for using Sydney trains. Almost all these stations have been built underground. You must get down at the nearest station for visiting the tourist spots. For example, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are very near the Circular-Quay station.
If you are a lover of arts, you can visit the Museum-of-Contemporary-Art at a spot called the Rocks that is also very close to Circular Quay. The Rocks is justifiably called the city’s outdoors museum because it is where the city and the country of Australia were founded. So, you should visit Rocks for knowing its historical significance.
For your shopping needs, you can get down at the Town-Hall station and visit the CBD of Sydney. You can have unique and enjoyable shopping experience at the Queen-Victoria Building and at the Strand Arcade.
Using Sydney trains is convenient in getting to the city because almost all the rail lines lead to what is called the City Circle. In fact, the rail lines have been laid to loop around the CBD of Sydney.
You can visit the other tourist attractions also by using Sydney trains. For visiting the Bondi Beach and enjoying the sight of the stunningly beautiful icebergs pool & club, you must get down at the Bondi Junction by taking the Eastern-Suburbs Line. From Bondi Junction, you have a number of buses to reach the beach.
Glebe is another spot you should visit because there are a number of boutiques and vegetarian restaurants in this place. You will also be fascinated by the art galleries and the most colourful market that is held every Saturday. You have the light rail for reaching Glebe.
Kings Cross is famous for its nightclubs where you can enjoy, relax and have a great time. To get to Kings Cross, you must take the Eastern-Suburbs Line.
Manly Beach is another place to visit because you can enjoy surfing and can play beach-volleyball, rollerblade and similar beach games. You can take a train at City Circle and get down to Circular Quay and from there, you have to travel by ferries to reach this beach.
King Street Newtown is popular for its round-the-clock street life. There are a number of cafes, restaurants, bookstores and galleries in this place. It is the inner West-Line that will take you to the Newtown Station.
Taronga Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the world because it is home to a few rare and unique animals. In reaching this place, you have to go to the Circular-Quay station and then take ferries.
The cafes, restaurants, landscapes and breath-taking views of Blue Mountains are certain to captivate any visitor. You can visit the Katoomba-Jenolan Caves of this place also. The rock formation called the Three Sisters is highly popular. The Blue Mountains range comes under the list of World Heritage regions. Go to the Katoomba station in visiting this place. It is better you buy an ExploreLink ticket in staying here for two or three days.
Cronulla beach is popular because you can swim safely in the sea. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants also on this beach. You have the Eastern-Suburbs trains to help you reach the place.
In addition to these attractions, you can visit the Fish Markets by using Sydney trains to experience and enjoy the regulated chaos that prevails in these markets.
Authorities give a few tips for using Sydney trains safely. They advise people to avoid peak periods. They also advise people to remain spread out on the platform so that they can avoid over-crowding of certain specific carriages of the trains.

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