Hong Kong Festivals

18 Nov

I recently visited Hong Kong so thought you might like to read about this 🙂

There are many People from Hong Kong living in Sydney

An Asian hub for leisure and pleasure travelers, Hong Kong is a perfect place to anyone who is looking for a vacation getaway.   Nothing can be compared to the color, richness and grand activities to see in HK, China. Its events and festivals are celebrated to make the country an all year around party destination.

One of the biggest festivals celebrated in Hong Kong is the Chinese New Year. Markets during this season were filled with colorful flower; temples were filled with incenses, and colorful activities. Among those fascinating events celebrated was the Chinese New Year Night Parade. The country becomes more cosmopolitan, traditional, unique and festive during the celebration.

During the month of May, the country becomes very vibrant due to the cultural celebrations being celebrated. Rousing drums and gongs can be heard; colorful parades and bizarre costumes are magnificently seen. Another wonderful festival being celebrated is the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular. It starts June 21 through end of August. Here the country has thrilling cultural sceneries, vibrant shopping as well as dining and very lively nightlife.

One of the main events at this time was the Dragon Boat Carnival. Boats, cheers and beers attract visitors during these times of celebrations.  Top of the world’s boat athletes participates at the events. It is a three days of thrilling events and celebration. Non-stop music and lively entertainments can be experienced during these times. Roving performers keeps the crowds on the iconic Victoria harbor side entertained.

The Hong Kong Mid Summer Festival is a celebration of the Chinese Harvest. Around the country there are glowing lanterns, with neon lights that serves as city’s landmark. Amazing dragon dances on the busy street can be also witness. Usually it is also celebrate during full moon and its light shines on the festive metropolis.

Festive entertainments, costume parties and Halloween foods and drinks are seen and tasted here. Unique blend of Eastern and western culture best defines the celebration. It is so vibrant that makes the city become the Halloween Capital of the Asia. The Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival was a very nice combination of culinary delights and fine wine tastes with a panoramic harbor background. Each year when the event was accompanied with promotions and events, street carnivals, wine themed tours, and fine dining offers.

Hong Kong Winter fest is really a memorable celebration and event in the place. There are beautiful decorations towering skyscrapers. Holiday menus at restaurants and cafes are as well great. Shopping malls are on sale, carolers entertain the shoppers and other lively events were done. Indeed Hong Kong is an all year around tourists’ destination not only because of the natural attractions but also the major celebrations that it has.

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